The electricity Control Board (ECB) have finally Gazetted the Net-Metering rules. You might be wondering what this means for the Namibian Energy Sector in general and your organization to be specific. Well, this means keeping money in your organization by reducing operational expenditure. When your organization installs a Solar Generation System, it is entitled to a compensation by LAW should your system provide electricity to the National Grid. This means your organization becomes a producer (a mini NAMPOWER) of electricity in Namibia!

Having a Solar System installed at your organization has the following benefits:

  • A reduction on the imported electricity (kilo-Watthours (kWh)) into Namibia,
  • Your organization becomes a local Generator of Electricity,
  • Less money will leave the country as a result of reduced import requirements,
  • More money is kept in your pockets because of a reduction in operational expenditure,
  • The National economy grows as more jobs are created,
  • The environment benefits because Renewable energy is clean and has low environmental impact compared to traditional sources of energy,
  • Namibia is greatly dependent on energy from its neighbors thus having a Solar Systems installed, your organization has a secured energy supply,

The City of Windhoek will compensate its clients N$1.20/kWh for locally generated electricity.
I have included important links here:

Gazetted Net Metering Rules
From ECB:
City of Windhoek Tariffs List:
General Tariffs in Namibia:

Namibia is blessed with the most abundant solar resources in the world with relatively moderate temperatures and clear skies. That means the country is able to receive good solar radiation.