Solar Off-Grid Systems


Solar Off-Grid Systems are systems that are not connected to the Electricity Grid and therefore require Battery Storage to operate. Solar Off-Grid Systems are ideal when utility power is unavailable or too expensive to bring to your home. Light Systems Namibia designs Solar Off-Grid Systems that generate enough power to power appliances throughout the year to meet a household’s requirements even during the winter period when there is less sunlight.

Solar Off-Grid Systems stores DC electricity in batteries. The inverter allows this system to convert DC electrical current coming from the batteries into AC or alternating current. AC is the standard form of electricity for anything that “plugs in” to utility power and is the appropriate current for common household appliances.

Day 1
Call Light Systems Namibia with detailed description of your needs

Day 2
Light Systems Namibia provides you a quotation for a Solar Off-Grid System to meet
your needs.

Day 3
Light System Namibia plans for your installation.

Day 4
Installation of your system is carried out.
Households and Businesses where the electricity Grid is unavailable or too expensive to bring to
their premises.
PV Installation including Solar Panels, Off-Grid Inverter and Batteries.
4 to 5 Day for Residential
2 to 10 Days for Businesses
View estimate pricing for SOLAR OFF-GRID SYSTEMS here:

Option 1

Watts each
Total Watts
Watt hours
LED Lights
4 600 10 40 400
Hair Clipper
1 180 40 40 120
Cell Phone Charger
2 240 20 40 160
120 680