Solar Parks

Solar Parks operate as Solar Power Stations harvesting the sun’s energy to generating electricity that is fed into the National Electricity Grid.

Commercial Grid-Tied Systems

Solar Grid-Tied Systems power business loads during sunshine days when Grid power is most expensive. Businesses are able to save on expensive Peak and Standard Time of Use (ToU) electricity from the Grid.

Residential Grid-Tied Systems

Solar Grid-Tied Systems power household loads during the day. These systems power all electrical loads that are connected to the Electricity Grid and do not require Battery Storage to operate.

Off Grid Systems

Solar Off-Grid Systems are systems power electrical loads that are not connected to the Electricity Grid. They require Battery Storage to operate especially at night or during cloudy conditions.

Hybrid Systems

Solar Hybrid Systems combine solar and battery storage in one and are now available in many different forms and configurations.

Solar Water Heaters

Households and Businesses that want to reduce spending on their electricity bills and manage these costs use Solar water heaters to meet their hot water requirements.

Solar Powered Borehole Systems

Households and communities that require drinking water as well as water for livestock or irrigation purposes use Solar Powered Borehole Systems to draw water from boreholes.

Solar Powered Street Lights

Solar Powered Street Lights are extensively used for outdoor street lighting. They can operate at night because the sun provides needed energy during the day.